How Long Are Car Batteries Supposed to Last?

A car battery is extremely important. If your car battery is dead, your car will not run. Due to the extreme importance of a car battery that functions properly, it’s essential that you have your car battery evaluated at an auto repair shop the next time you bring your car for a regular car tune up. Or, if you think your car battery is showing signs of imminent failure, it’s important to have it assessed by a car mechanic. An auto repair shop can run a diagnostic test on your car battery and provide you with information on how much life it has left. Ignoring your car battery for years on end is not advisable since car batteries never last indefinitely.

Extreme Temperatures Can Affect a Car Battery’s Life

Your car battery can die at any time of the year, even though it might seem as if it’s more common to experience a dead car battery in the wintertime. While extremely cold temperatures can affect a car battery, extremely hot temperatures can as well. Other factors that also contribute to the lifespan of a car battery include: how often you drive, the distances you normally drive, and the quality of your battery.

What Battery Brands are the Best?

If you want to purchase the best possible battery for your vehicle, it’s important to have a discussion with your automotive mechanic about the pros and cons associated with different battery brands. As a professional in the auto services industry, your auto mechanic undoubtedly knows that certain car battery brands are more reliable than others. Many auto shops have one or two specific brands that they always recommend to their customers.

How Many Years Will a Car Battery Last?

Many automotive repair shops replace their customer’s car batteries every three to five years. However, as stated earlier, the life of a car battery can be affected by several factors. If your car battery is currently more than five years old, it’s advisable that you have it tested at your auto repair shop to ensure it’s in good condition. Many car owners opt to have their car battery replaced every three or four years, as a preventative to getting stuck somewhere with a dead battery.

Is it Possible to Replace Your Own Car Battery?

It is certainly possible to remove a dead car battery from your vehicle and replace it with a new battery without the assistance of a car mechanic. Car batteries can be purchased in stores such as Wal-Mart, Sears and AutoZone. If you don’t already know how to do it, many websites provide excellent step-by-step instructions. But keep in mind that properly disposing of a car battery is essential. If you don’t feel comfortable replacing a car battery on your own, your trusted auto service center is always available to help.

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