Fleet Services

fleet services

Keeping a single vehicle on the road is hard enough, but maintaining an entire fleet is even harder. When you run a business that depends on its vehicles, you need to make sure every vehicle in your fleet is properly maintained, but you also need to keep your maintenance costs as low as possible.

At Next Auto Care®, we are your fleet service experts in the Highland Ranch, CO area. No matter where your business is located, Next Auto Care® can create a customized maintenance schedule for your entire fleet, focusing on keeping every vehicle you own running its best.

Taxi and Car Services

There are many types of fleets in the Highland Ranch area, including fleets of taxis and car service vehicles. If you run a car service or taxi company, you need to make sure every vehicle in that fleet is properly maintained, so your passengers can get where they are going.

From routine oil changes for your entire taxi or car service fleet to timely repairs on engines and transmissions, Next Auto Care® can protect your business and lower your overall operating costs. Just give us a call to discuss your fleet service needs.

Delivery Vehicles

The rise of online shopping has increased the need for quality delivery vehicles. From delivery vans to big trucks, these fleets require proper maintenance to keep them running the way they should.

If your business relies on a fleet of delivery vehicles, Next Auto Care® can design a custom maintenance schedule. Whether your fleet includes a handful of delivery vans or dozens of vehicles, we are here to help.

Rental Car Fleets

The typical rental car company may own thousands of different vehicles, from tiny compact cars to roomy SUVs and full-size pickup trucks. Keeping track of such a vast fleet can be a real challenge, and keeping all those vehicles serviced and on the road is even harder.

At Next Auto Care®, we can help rental car companies keep track of all their maintenance needs. Armed with some basic information about the rental car fleet, we can design a preventative maintenance schedule for every vehicle your business owns. Timely maintenance can lower your costs, prevent breakdowns and ultimately boost your profit margins.

Fleet Services Near Me

At Next Auto Care®, we are proud to offer a full range of fleet services. No matter how many vehicles your business owns or how you use them, the automotive experts at Next Auto Care® are always there to help.


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