Don’t Do These Things to Your Car

Your auto service center is constantly telling you what to do with your car. They tell you to “Schedule a car tune up!” or “Buy auto repair insurance!” or “Schedule your routine car maintenance!”

While all of these things may be important, it’s now time to review some of the things you shouldn’t do with your car. Some of the following points are common sense or obvious, but it’s important to review them every so often as a refresher.

Ignore your vehicle’s tire pressure.

Don’t forget to periodically make sure your car’s tire pressure is at the correct level. Driving with low tire pressure in one or more tires is bad for your tires and bad for your car. It’s also detrimental to your gas mileage. Next time you are at your auto service center, ask your car mechanic to explain why low tire pressure can cause so many different types of car problems.

Don’t get your car evaluated when it overheats.

When your car shows signs of overheating, make sure to get it to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon for vehicle owners to ignore signs that their car is either on the verge of overheating, or has actually reached the point of overheating. An overheated car is dangerous and can cause irreversible damage to a car’s engine.

Neglect to take your car to an auto shop for regular vehicle maintenance appointments. Your car needs regular check-ups and maintenance on a regular schedule. If you neglect your car and fail to take it to a car doctor for its routine appointments, the car is likely going to suffer negative consequences.

Pretend the fluid leaking from your car doesn’t exist.

When you see puddles of fluid under your car after it has been parked for a few hours, make sure to get the vehicle checked. Even though the fluid(s) your car is leaking might be normal, you should get the car checked out by an auto mechanic to verify that the fluid is not the result of a problem.

Take your car to an inexperienced auto repair shop.

If you want the best possible auto maintenance for your vehicle, it’s important to bring it to an auto shop that employs experienced and trained auto mechanics.

Forgetting to get your car’s oil changed when it’s due.

It may not be necessary to change your car’s oil every three months or every three thousand miles. But it is important to have your car’s oil changed when it is supposed to be changed. Not keeping up with this requirement can lead to damage and the potential need for costly repairs.

Not treating your car well.

If you take your car for granted but still expect it to run properly for years on end, you might be in for a surprise when it stops functioning properly at an inopportune time. Make sure to provide your car with appropriate auto maintenance at a qualified auto services center.

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