Auto Maintenance Tips for New Car Owners

If you have a brand new car, it’s important to keep it in excellent shape by adhering to its manufacturer’s recommended auto maintenance schedule. Many people are under the impression that brand new cars do not require any type of maintenance. But not sticking to a recommended car tune up schedule could result in the eventual need for costly repairs. To start, all cars need oil changes, tire rotations, and basic auto maintenance check-ups. While it may not be necessary to change your vehicle’s oil every three months, you simply cannot expect your brand new car to run forever without any type of preventative maintenance.

Find a Trustworthy Auto Service Shop

If you want to ensure that your new car remains in like-new condition for many years, it’s essential to locate and use a reputable and professional auto service center for regular auto maintenance appointments. Reputable auto service shops often publish client testimonials on their website. Or, recommendations from family members, friends and/or co-workers are always helpful. Before scheduling an auto maintenance appointment for your new vehicle, call the shop and make an appointment for a short in-person visit. If the auto shop wants your business, it will be happy to allow you to meet with a car mechanic to discuss a proposed maintenance schedule for your new car.

A New Car is Expensive – So Take Care of It!

You may have spent $20,000 on your new car, or you may have spent $75,000 or more. No matter how much your new vehicle cost, you are undoubtedly proud of your purchase – and you want to keep it running well for many years. Not only does a well-running car provide you with a certain level of confidence, but a car that is maintained with regular car tune ups tends to retain its value over time. When it eventually comes time to sell the car or trade it for a new one, you will be pleased that the car you kept in tip-top shape is worth more than you thought!

Keep The Exterior of Your Car Clean

Many people neglect the exterior of their car. If your car is brand new, its exterior is undoubtedly shiny and bright. You can keep your car looking new (even as it ages) by washing it regularly, parking it in smart parking spots (e.g. not under trees that release sap), and applying wax when it needs it. Keeping the interior of your car clear of debris and trash will also add to your driving experience.

New cars are nice to have and nice to drive. By keeping your car maintained, it’s sure to meet your needs for many years to come.

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