Are Touchless Car Washes Really Better?

No matter where you live, your car is going to get dirty. No matter how careful you are to always park your car inside of a garage, it’s still never going to stay completely clean. Unless you keep your car inside of an air-tight container and never drive, it’s guaranteed to get grimy every so often!

You have several choices when it comes to washing your car. Many gas stations offer drive-through car washes. There are facilities that specialize in washing and detailing cars. You can also wash your car yourself – using a bucket, a sponge and a hose. But have you ever stopped to think about whether washing your car actually damages it? Auto repair specialists at car repair shops are often the first to tell people that certain types of car washes can be damaging to a car’s paint and exterior.

Touchless Car Washes

The most widely recommended type of car wash is the touchless type. Touchless car washes tend to be the least damaging to your vehicle’s paint. However, some touchless car washes offer “hand” drying. This is when a person uses a towel to manually dry the outside of the vehicle. if you use a touchless car wash that offers hand drying, make sure the type of towel used to dry the car is non-abrasive in order to avoid scratches to your paint.

Drive-Through Car Washes

Some drive-through car washes are “touchless” or “brushless”, and some are not. If the drive through car wash you are planning to use is not touchless or brushless, make sure the brushes inside of the car wash are not made with any type of abrasive bristle. If they are, beware! This type of brush can scratch your car. Auto mechanics and auto shops usually recommend that vehicle owners stay away from drive-through car washes that utilize brushes that are abrasive.

Washing Your Car Yourself

You might think you are being an attentive car owner if you regularly wash your own car using a bucket, soap and a hose. But be careful that you use a designated car wash solution instead of soap that you grab from your kitchen cabinet. Regular soap can be damaging to your car’s paint. Also, be careful to not scrub your car with anything abrasive in order to remove dirt or grime. You might end up with scratched paint as a result.

If you would like more information or advice on the best type of car wash for your vehicle, ask your car mechanic for advice. Your auto services center might be able to recommend a specific car wash that is known to offer gentle and high quality car washes. It’s important that you adhere to guidelines when washing your car if you want your car’s exterior to remain shiny and bright for many years.

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