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General Auto Repairs

General Auto Repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO

Are you looking for local auto repairs and service you can trust?

As one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Littleton, or surrounding areas of Colorado, Next Auto Care specializes in quality auto repairs performed by qualified mechanics.

Our auto shop services numerous makes and models of passenger cars, medium-sized trucks, mini-vans, and SUVs.

Are you experiencing service symptoms? Is your check engine light on? Don’t hesitate to call our mechanics. We deliver dependable and honest service again and again.


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The Best Auto Repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO

Our mechanics handle a wide variety of auto repairs, including:

  • Axle/CV Joint Driveshafts
  • These are responsible for the overall drivability of your vehicle. Without proper working systems, your car can’t deliver power to the wheels.

  • AC/Heating Systems
  • Keeping comfortable while driving is so important. You want to maintain the ideal temperature inside your vehicle at all times.

  • Replacement of Belts & Hoses
  • Belts & hoses are more important than you know. Without them, your engine, cooling system charging system and air conditioning can’t work properly

  • Cooling Systems
  • This complex system works to remove excess heat form your vehicle’s engine, preventing overheating, and other problems.

  • Exhausts
  • Exhaust systems collect and distribute harmful gasses away from your vehicle, reduce the amount of emissions released into the air, as well as reduce road noise and force.

  • 4 Wheel Drive Systems
  • This system is responsible for keeping all 4 of your car’s wheels spinning at once, providing traction.

  • Lube and Oil Changes
  • Responsible for lubricating your engine, oil needs to be changed regularly to improve engine life and performance.

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Think of it as wellness for your car. Preventive maintenance helps to ward off major repairs. Make sure your vehicle gets its recommended service at regular intervals.

  • Starting/Charging/Batteries
  • Your battery charges your engine and keeps it running. Think of it as the heart of your vehicle.

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics tell us why your check engine or other warning light might be on, and allow our mechanics to fix the problem.

  • Steering/Suspension Work
  • The steering and suspension of your vehicle helps you stay in control of the vehicle at all times. It also impacts ride comfort and performance.

  • Alignments
  • Besides the obvious, keeping your vehicle driving straight, alignments are responsible for maintaining normal, even tire wear.

Besides these common auto repairs, we specialize in brake repairs and transmission service.


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Auto repairs are a necessary part of owning a vehicle. When you need auto repairs at our Littleton, CO shop, our mechanics will work with you to help you understand the problem. We will let you know the estimated cost of each repair ahead of time. Our mechanics will never perform a repair you don’t need.

Mechanics Committed to Quality

We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction on every car repair service. Our auto service shop has a longstanding reputation for reliable estimates and superior customer service. All auto repair services performed at Next Auto Care are done right the first time. Browse our list of auto repairs and contact us online today to schedule your next service appointment.

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Next Auto Care in Highlands Ranch, CO

Next Auto Care is a pillar of the community. Next Auto Care is a leader in offering name brand tires, and auto repair services for customers in Highlands Ranch, CO, Centennial, CO, Littleton, CO, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to focus on customer service. It is the foundation of our business. Next Auto Care employs a well-trained staff specializing in the sale and installation of passenger car, performance, light truck, or SUV tires. Take this opportunity to browse our website or call us for personalized service.

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